Committed to the environment

We offer you a wide range of eco-friendly packaging as an alternative to plastic. We use biodegradable, recyclable and reusable materials. Because we must all care for the planet.

Sustainability in take away format? Yes, it is possible!

Palm leaf and forget about plastic

Sugar cane, the sweetest alternative

Bags with an essential role in climate change.

The fight against waste is key. Discover our outlet.

Packaging with personality

We can customize any of our products. Make your brand and business visible by customizing our eco-friendly packaging.

Our values

In our 80 years of experience, we have always been committed to:


We manufacture our products to the highest quality standards to offer the best alternative to plastic.


We are constantly looking for new alternatives/solutions to offer the latest innovations in the market, always in compliance with the legislation in force.


Over more than 80 years of experience, we have adapted to all the changes that have arisen in the market and acquired great expertise in the sector.

Active listening and customer orientation

We believe that empathy and know-how are essential to evolve. Especially if we do it by our customers’ side. We listen to you and guide you to find the best solution to your needs.


Stay up to date on sustainable packaging and the sector on our blog.

Palm leaf containers for events and restaurants

Palm leaf trays, plates and bowls are compostable, stylish and eco-friendly packaging. An attractive and environmentally friendly single-use product line that will always look good at your events or in…