Other categories

  • Sugar cane

    Sugar cane

    Extracted directly from the plant, it makes it possible to create environmentally friendly and practical packaging.

  • Cookplay


    Honest idea of creating a new generation of tableware with exclusive designs in sustainable materials.

  • Palm leaf

    Palm leaf

    The creation of these products is a natural, renewable, simple and ecological process.

  • Pla


    Also called polylactic acid, it is derived from natural and renewable raw materials.

  • Paper and bamboo canes

    Paper and bamboo canes

    Alternative solution to plastic for this product so common in our lives.

  • Paper cup

    Paper cup

    Variety and quality, in all sizes and with personalised printing.

  • Reusable cups

    Reusable cups

    We contribute to waste minimisation by offering quality reusable cups.

  • Ice cream parlour

    Ice cream parlour

    Double layered tubs, ideal to take away or freeze.

  • Take away

    Take away

    Wide range of products developed in paper or cardboard that allows to be more responsible and consistent with the environment.

  • Paper bags

    Paper bags

    Made from recycled and/or virgin materials, they are ideal for take away.

  • Napkins, table linen and towelettes

    Napkins, table linen and towelettes

    Wide range of products created and designed in various fabrics and materials.

  • Cutlery


    Wide range of cutlery, both single-use and reusable.

  • Catering


    Made of wood, we have a wide selection of articles mainly for the hotel and catering industry.

  • Sushi


    From chopsticks to tongs or steamers, they are all 100% compostable bamboo items.

  • Skewers and picks

    Skewers and picks

    Made of wood and bamboo, we have a wide range of sizes and designs.

  • Clothes pegs

    Clothes pegs

    Essential product for everyday use. Available in various colours, sizes and materials.

  • Toothpicks


    Made of birch and poplar wood, we have a wide variety in different formats.

  • Depressors


    Manufactured in various types of wood, they guarantee maximum hygiene and their management as compostable and biodegradable waste.