Palm leaf containers for events and restaurants

Palm leaf trays, plates and bowls are compostable, stylish and eco-friendly packaging. An attractive and environmentally friendly single-use product line that will always look good at your events or in the presentation of any dish.

They are durable and elegant packaging and can be used for weddings, parties, corporate events, restaurants etc.

They have an elegant design, made from sustainably sourced renewable material. Palm leaf containers have natural patterns that sometimes look like wooden plates.

Palm leaves are abundant in South Asian countries. When the leaves mature and fall off the plant, they are collected. This practically stops deforestation. Living palm trees are not harmed. Otherwise, these palm leaves would have been collected, burned and disposed of, so reusing them helps the environment.

The collected palm leaves undergo an exhaustive air-drying process. Once dried, they are processed into shape using heated moulds. No chemical or toxic products are used.

Palm leaf plates are an incredible example that it is not necessary to sacrifice convenience for sustainability.

You can find a wide range of palm leaf packaging in our catalogue. a

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