Great variety of cutlery, both disposable and reusable: wooden cutlery, bamboo cutlery, corn cutlery (reusable 125 times), and CPLA cutlery (reusable 25 times). Available in different sizes and formats, intended to meet the needs of both distributors and end consumers. Made from reusable and compostable materials, they guarantee proper waste management and contribute to the maintenance of our ecosystem.

Other categories

  • Sugar cane

    Sugar cane

    Extracted directly from the plant, it makes it possible to create environmentally friendly and practical packaging.

  • Cookplay


    Honest idea of creating a new generation of tableware with exclusive designs in sustainable materials.

  • Palm leaf

    Palm leaf

    The creation of these products is a natural, renewable, simple and ecological process.

  • Pla


    Also called polylactic acid, it is derived from natural and renewable raw materials.

  • Paper and bamboo canes

    Paper and bamboo canes

    Alternative solution to plastic for this product so common in our lives.

  • Paper cup

    Paper cup

    Variety and quality, in all sizes and with personalised printing.

  • Reusable cups

    Reusable cups

    We contribute to waste minimisation by offering quality reusable cups.

  • Ice cream parlour

    Ice cream parlour

    Double layered tubs, ideal to take away or freeze.

  • Take away

    Take away

    Wide range of products developed in paper or cardboard that allows to be more responsible and consistent with the environment.

  • Paper bags

    Paper bags

    Made from recycled and/or virgin materials, they are ideal for take away.

  • Napkins, table linen and towelettes

    Napkins, table linen and towelettes

    Wide range of products created and designed in various fabrics and materials.

  • Catering


    Made of wood, we have a wide selection of articles mainly for the hotel and catering industry.

  • Sushi


    From chopsticks to tongs or steamers, they are all 100% compostable bamboo items.

  • Skewers and picks

    Skewers and picks

    Made of wood and bamboo, we have a wide range of sizes and designs.

  • Clothes pegs

    Clothes pegs

    Essential product for everyday use. Available in various colours, sizes and materials.

  • Toothpicks


    Made of birch and poplar wood, we have a wide variety in different formats.

  • Depressors


    Manufactured in various types of wood, they guarantee maximum hygiene and their management as compostable and biodegradable waste.