Recyclable and ecological napkins

Continuing with the product range of our Ecoline line, whose main feature is the protection of the environment, we offer our customers our new range of ecological napkins and tablecloths. 100% [...]

Betik is committed to the environment

From Betik, and encouraged by our respect for the environment, we have developed a range of ecological products called ecoline, which includes sugar cane plates and containers, palm leaf plates, [...]

Palm leaf dishes

Many people ask us how palm leaf dishes are made. Why are they so respectful of the environment? We summarize a little what is the natural, renewable and simple process behind these dishes: [...]

Keeping a toothpick in the mouth with style

Curious images of people with toothpicks in their mouths. You have to have style to wear them gracefully    

Bagasse tableware

Made of palm leaves *, sugarcane and wheat pulp, 100% renewable sources, our bagasse tableware are fully biodegradable in an estimated period of 50-100 days. The use of bagasse tableware, [...]

Sugar crane and straw pulp plates

This residual material arises in large quantities from sugar extraction in the production of cane sugar. The particularly tough fibres, which have normally been burned up to now, can be used as a [...]

Betik en Made in Spain de RTVE

Nos visitaron las cámaras de RTVE del programa Made in Spain. Querían conocer cómo se hacían los palillos e hicieron un reportaje al respecto:     También estuvimos en la sección del [...]

Betik with PEFC certificate

  Industrias Betik, manufacturer and wholesale distributor of chopsticks, toothpicks, sanitary spoons and spatulas, ice cream sticks / sticks, matches, clothes clips and other articles in [...]