In Industrias Betik SA, we are manufacturers since 1940. This enables us to provide our customer a high quality service: a very broad product range: chopsticks / toothpicks, depressants for medical use, rods / popsicle sticks, matches, clips clothing and other articles in wood, in a variety of formats and presentations, can adapt to the needs of our customers with agility.

All of our products are manufactured in wood Canadian poplar “Populus canadensis”. Such wood is composed of resistant longitudinal fiber and grain smooth texture for touch and rub on the lips and mouth, not having concentrated tannins by the youth of the wood used, or resins, or dark streaks and lack of taste and smell, makes the “Populus canadensis” is the ideal timber for food and medical use. Conveniently dehydrated and kept in a dry place is a product that does not expire.

Once wood, in rolls and green, with all the natural moisture received , it proceeds to descortezarla and cut into pieces of 53 cm . Thereof webs of 13/10 thick mms and 503,530 are removed . width by an uncoiler around . Subsequently , the sheets are punched in press – shear quick and accurate fixed pitch provided with the appropriate tooling steel product manufactured .

Once the manufacturing process of wet wood , takes place the process of dewatering and drying at a temperature of 120 °, in continuous tunnels, where at the same time undergo a process of quasi sterilization. Notably, the fuel used for drying comes from the remains of unusable wood , so no electrical or other energy is used for this process.

In the moment when the product is completely dry, the next stage will depend on the type of article. Thus, we highlight the lingual medical depressants, or spatulas for ice cream shop, which without being touched by human hand, go through “venturi” to a polisher hype, where the mutual rubbing polished, grind and roman edges. Particles and dust are aspirated at the end of the drum and the beginning of the screening, and transported to the silo for use in generation of heat for the drying. Once polished pass through a “venturi” a preseleccionadora machine where twisted and be rejected warped parts. The others fall into the cycle of a sophisticated machine where, on horizontal base, drawn by special chains, spend one to one under electronic eyes, who reject and draw the circuit the failure to achieve quotas suitability and marked tolerances, as color, thickness, twisting, lack of full contour, dimensions, etc …

In the case of tongue depressors, the same machine account and placed 100 in 100 in a tank having at its output . A operaria removed from this device 100 depressants and introduced into a cardboard box . The sealed with zeal and enter into master boxes to be closed with gummed on all open sides , so that each box remain inviolable.



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